Friday, October 25, 2013

In the “Believe it or not” category:

1)      The USPTO is reducing a number of its most used fees on 1/1/14.
The utility patent issue fee drops from $1780 to $960 for a large entity;
                                                                            $890 to $480 for a small entity;
                                                                             $445 to $240 for a micro entity.
            Similar drops for design and plant issue fees as well as reissue issue fees.

            The publication fees for early, voluntary or normal publication drops to $0.

The USPTO is eliminating the fee for recording a patent assignment that is submitted electronically.

2)       In the PCT world there will be price breaks for small and micro entities:

Transmittal fees
            Search fees (although probably still get better deals from Korea and Russia)
            Supplemental Search fees
            Late payment fees
            Fee for Transmitting Application to International Bureau to act as the RO;
            Preliminary Examination fees;  
            Supplemental Examination fees.

3)      Check here for the full fee schedule for fees paid on or after January 1, 2014.

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